Premium Strategic Solutions since 1991

WMMcorp History

WMMcorp has grown in both size and stature since its inception in 1991. Early success on a number of broadscope projects allowed for WMMcorp to expand to the East Coast in 2010. After a successful 6 year stint operating out of Boston, Massachusetts, WMMcorp made a difficult yet fruitful decision to move operational headquarters to Los Angeles, California. WMMcorp remains an established premiere strategy solution for businesses in all stages of operation. Listed below are some of WMMcorp's most successfully implemented strategies across a wide scope of work.

  • Total Factor Production Growth in National Economic Analysis
  • Talent Valuation using Cost Basis in Sports Management
  • Perceptions and Expectations in Creative Consulting
  • Critical Observations of North Shore Near-Coast Sea Life in Environmental Strategies
  • Financial Valuation and Analysis in Financial Strategies
  • Alternative Music Control Device Implementation in Programming Strategies
  • Framing, Imagery, and Voice in Social Media Strategy
  • Outpace and Out-Deliver in Corporate Negotiation